Aerial Cinematography Gear

The Cinechopper Rapid Pro X8

The CineChopper Rapid Pro X8 Heavy Lift. This is our workhorse, with capabilities ranging from the smallest rigs to the largest camera packages your production desires. We confidently fly RED, ARRI, and other professional cinema cameras with zoom lenses and FIZ weighing up to 30 pounds. With the addition of the Freefly MoVI M5 the possibilities are limitless.



The DJI S900 Hexacopter

The DJI S900 Hexacopter multi-rotor is ready to shoot in less than 5 minutes. It is powerful, fast, and reliable. Optimized to carry smaller camera systems such as the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s MkII. This is the best bang for your buck package that we currently offer with all footage being shot at a 4K maximum




The Freefly MōVI has become a game changer in the cinematography world. entirely hand-crafted from the ground up the MōVI was built to empower the cinematographer with the freedom of movement and capabilities of of getting those never before possible out of the box shots. Compatible with cameras raging from the Sony A7s mkII to the RED weapon the MōVI is suitable for all productions alike.




The CONNEX system by AMIMON is the latest and greatest for wireless HD video transmission. Allowing a below 1ms latency from camera sensor to our monitors from a range of about 1 mile. With HDMI output on the ground we are easily able to connect directly into your productions video village for a live feed from the air.



We're capable of flying just about any lightweight camera and lens combination currently available. If we don't have it we can get it for you. (Fees may apply)

  • Zeiss Super Speeds 
  • Zeiss ZE/ZF
  • Zeiss CP 2
  • ARRI Ultra Primes
  • Panavision Super Speed
  • Kowa Prominar Anamorphic
  • RED Weapon             
  • ARRI Alexa Mini
  • Canon C300 
  • Sony F5/F55
  • BMPCC 4k 
  • Sony A7s MkII
  • Panasonic GH4