Matthew Parchen

If you are reading this, well then, I guess you are reading what I'm writing about myself. I'm a UAV Pilot and have been doing aerial cinematography for over four years and a camera operator longer than that! I was raised with a knack for technology and found film in high school. What better way to combine cool flying technology and awesome camera equipment! 


Zachary Patino

In case you start in the middle, I'll go first (since I am center stage). I'm the primary photographer and have been so for four years now mainly in the music and entertainment industry. Along with photography I sometimes take my talent to new heights as camera operator for UAV Aerial Cinematography (Pun intended). 

Michael Leos

Now that you're done being bored with the other guys biographies it's time to be impressed. I am a computer programmer and photographer. I wouldn't say I have a knack for technology like Matt but more of an obsession, a psychologist may say an addiction but that's besides the point. Just like our drones, I am a little over the top.


We are Imagination Visions LLC. We are based in lovely Los Angeles, California.  We hold ourselves proud to being able to do all, in house from the production side to the post production aspect. The collaboration between our team is our like mind, out of the box thinking thinking, always trying to push for something different. We strive to do our absolute best and create fun and entertaining content for all and hopefully we can help you with that!



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